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Tony Horton, the creater of the P90X series, has come out with another fantastic home workout – P90X3. The big difference maker for P90X3 versus other workouts is the time factor. This workout will take just 30 minutes a day to complete (6 days a week). This is roughly half of what previous workouts have taken. Tony mixes in some cardio exercises with muscle building exercises, he allows you to choose your own personal schedule to really work on the body you desire (see more about these schedules in the FAQ below).

Who is P90X3 for?

P90X3 is for anyone who is willing to put in the hard work to get their desired results. However, there are some slight differences between P90X3 and other workouts such as T25 and Insanity. I’d go with P90X3 if building muscle and tone is important to you. Tony’s P90X series is typically a little more muscle-oriented than the other workouts that are more cardio-based.

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What You Get with P90X3

What you get depends on the P90X3 kit you purchase, but most importantly you’ll get 8 workout dvds which make for 16 different 30 minute workouts. You’ll rotate through these 16 workouts so every day its something new for your body. Complimentary of all orders is a P90X3 text nutrition and fitness guide.

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P90X3 base DVD set – 8 dvds

In just 90 days, at 30 minutes a day, you’ll be arriving at a more muscular, toned, and fit body. Hundreds of testimonials across Beach Body, Amazon, and otehr online forums show these results are real. The results are real – but they aren’t easy. You’ll have to commit and work hard on this program for 90 days to see the body you and Tony have created. All you have to do is press play. No research needed. No personal trainers, let Tony handle all the details – you just do what he says and you’ll get to where you want to be. This beats the crowded gyms any day. With a 90 day money back guarantee what’s to lose?

Good luck trying to get in a “quick” workout here.

FAQ – Questions I Frequently Come Across

Q: I’m not in shape or have an injury – will this workout be too much for me?

I’m not a doctor and can’t talk about personal injuries, but what I can tell you is that there is a special workout person in the DVDs called “the modifier” who does the P90X3 workouts, but slightly alters what the workout for some who need an easier person to follow. Sometimes I even follow the modifier when Tony is kicking my butt and I need to take a breather.

Q: Do I need to do P90X and P90X2 before P90X3?

No. Those are just previous versions of this workout. Start with this workout as it is the most up-to-date version of P90X.

Q: What Equipment do I need for P90X3?

Just a set of dumbbells or resistance bands (10–40 lbs. for guys, 5–25 lbs. for gals), and a way to do pull-ups—either using a bar that fits in any doorway, a pull-up tower, or a door attachment for your resistance bands. You may also want to use some of the optional equipment, such as a yoga or jump mat, PowerStands®, the P90X Chin-Up Max, and the P90X App.

Q: What are the P90X3 schedules all about?

P90X3 has 4 unique schedules that include the same workouts, but differ based on your fitness goals. P90X3 Classic is a traditional balance of cardio and resistance for total-body fitness. P90X3 Lean is for those who prefer a more toned look. P90X3 Mass is for increasing bulk while still getting ripped. P90X3 Doubles is for those who are ready to take it up a notch to accelerate both their fitness gains and weight loss.

Q: What is this about a free DVD?

The “On One Leg” dvd costs $20 if you buy it normally, but if you buy P90X3 through a coach (buying through this site), you will receive the Core Speed dvd for free. Its an exclusive bonus Beach Body has put out to help coaches & customers connect so take advantage!

Q: What kind of diet should I use with P90X3?

There is no special diet for P90X3, but I recommend lots of protein and a reduction in carbohydrates and junk food. I think Shakeology is a nice compliment to the P90X3 plan.

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