Shakeology – The Healthiest Meal Replacement Shake

What Can Shakeology Really Do For You?


Looking for a meal replacement shake packed to the brim with superfoods, protein, and vitamins. You need to try Shakeology. With 17g of protein in each Shakeology serving, Shakeology has the nutritional punch to be a meal replacement shake with the added bonus of rare vitamins and minerals the body craves. Shakeology alone –without working out– has the power to help you lose weight. Shakeology tastes great too (see below for flavors)! I have Shakeology customers who say they crave the shake — it makes their body feel so good (and they even take Shakeology with them on vacation in little baggies). For best results, of course, you could combine Shakeology with either working out, running, or trying a home workout plan we offer here at Max Fitness Plans.

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Shakeology Ingredients & Benefits

Shakeology has hundreds of organic, rare ingredients from across the world. All in one healthy shake. But don’t take my word for it – watch Tony Horton explain the ingredients & benefits.

Shakeology is Actually Pretty Cheap

$120 for this stuff? Yikes! That was my first thought too. After more reflection I’ve changed my mind about the pricing. I think it is best to think about Shakeology pricing this way: You’ll get roughly 30 servings out of Shakeology, and what that means is 30 different meals. Yes, this is a meal replacement shake. $120 divided by 30 meals means $4 per meal on average. People spend 8-9-10 bucks on lunch or breakfast every day at work. Shakeology is less than half the cost of these meals! Shakeology as a pure supplement is expensive, but when you consider it a meal replacement it actually becomes more of an insanely healthy money saver. Take that McDonalds!

So many Flavors & Recipes

The 5 base flavors of Shakeology are Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry, and Chocolate Vegan. Chocolate and Vanilla flavors are the best sellers. Call me a plain Jane but my favorite flavor has always been Vanilla. The fun part about Shakeology too is that you can make so many flavored drinks out of the mixes. Mojito Lemonade, Strawberry Pecan Pie, Sweet Almond Sunrise, Banana Almond, Orange Sunrise just to name a few. You can find these recipes online or directly via Beach Body.

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FAQ about Shakeology

Q: Can I sample some flavors?

Yes you can. You can purchase a 4-flavor sample pack for $19.99 at the Beach Body store. I suggest doing this before getting 30 days worth of a flavor you may not like. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on Shakeology. If you feel like you probably like 1 flavor you can just go for it and you can return it if it really isn’t working out for you.

Q: What do I actually get with Shakeology?

There’s a few options. You can either get a 30 day supply bag (much like the big protein powder bags you see everywhere). Or you can also get a convenience box which has 24 single Shakeology servings (individually wrapped). These convenience packs are obviously great for the gym or on-the-go situations. You’ll also receive recipe information and a full list of ingredients. You can either sign up for 1 time shipping or home direct shipping where Beach Body sends you a bag of Shakeology every month without you having to reorder.

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