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What T25 Can Do For You – And How.

The biggest difference between T25 and any other workout is the time involved. 25 minutes is all you need to get this workout done – many even do T25 during their lunch break. Shaun T’s 60 day program will help you lose weight in half the time of other workouts. How does this work? Exercise science has come so far in just the last 10 years. Mounting evidence shows shorter, intense workouts provide greater benefits than longer, sustained workouts. Think of it like running sprints for 15 minutes versus jogging for an hour. The sprints are intense, tough, and short while the hour long jog is low intensity, predictable, and leaves your body time to adapt & conserve energy. With T25, your body will be kept guessing as the workouts continually change.

Who is T25 best for?

T25 works for anyone with the goal of losing weight or toning their body. There’s a good amount of cardio in the workouts as well as good upper body & full body circuits. I recommend the workout for both males and females of any age. If you’re not in great shape to begin with, there is a modifier instructor on the DVD who does slightly easier workouts than Shaun T. As mentioned earlier, this workout is great for people who are short on time. Also if you liked the Insanity workouts put out by Shaun T I’m sure you’ll end up liking this one too.

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What You Get

You get these 8 workout dvds and 1 stretching dvd. You’ll rotate through these 8 dvds so every day so its something new for your body. You’ll also get some equipment like T-bands (most of the workouts though don’t require equipment). You will also receive a little book of official T25 meal recipes complimentary of Beach Body. All together this package is more than enough to help you reach your fitness goals. The only thing the package doesn’t include is the willpower to get it done!

t25 dvds
In order to get the “Core Speed” dvd pictured, you must order T25 with a Beach Body Coach

T25 works in phases – alpha phase and beta phase. Some people lose their workout schedules or the dog chews them up so I’ve got nice and large pictures of them below. You’ll do 30 days of alpha phase, then 30 days of beta phase & then you’re done. Seriously, try to keep track of your weight and measurements! Body measurements are more important than weight because you’re gaining muscle with T25 and muscle weighs more than fat. Weight can sometimes be deceptive metric. Measurements are a clearer physical change. Nonetheless keep track of weight and measurements because they help keep you motivated and pushing yourself.

t25 alpha workout schedulet25 beta workout schedule
T25 workout schedules (click to view larger images)
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OK, So Which T25 Workout Should I get?


Focus T25 Base Package

– This is the basic T25 package. I’d recommend this package for beginners or first-time T25ers.

Order T25 Base Kit

Focus T25 Deluxe Package

– This package is the whole shabang! With this package, you get everything included in the Base package plus the Gamma Cycle workouts and associated equipment. With this pack you get everything Focus T25 has to offer. I suggest this package to experienced trainees looking for an advanced workout with HUGE results.

Order T25 Deluxe Kit

Focus T25 Challenge Pack — Save $70!

– If you’re looking to purchase Focus T25 and also plan on changing your diet, then the T25 Challenge Pack is for you! Offered only to Team Beach Body customers, this package is a combo of the Focus T25 base package as well as a 30 day supply of Shakeology. Shakeology is T25’s insanely healthy meal-replacement shake that includes rare organic ingredients from all over the world). Purchasing these two products together in a combo pack will save you $70 over what they would cost purchasing each item separately. You will also receive a shipping discount with the T25 challenge pack. Just click through the link here and choose a Shakeology flavor to get the $70 discount!

Order T25 Challenge Pack

Focus T25 Gamma Package

– I wouldn’t recommend this product just starting out. Consider this package the “level 2” of the T25 products. If you’ve successfully completed the Base package, then I’d suggest taking a peek at Gamma cycle for even more body refining. This package is included in the Deluxe package.

Order T25 Gamma Kit

FAQ – Questions I Frequently Come Across

Q: I’m not in shape or have an injury – will this workout be too much for me?

I’m not a doctor and can’t talk about personal injuries, but what I can tell you is that there is a special workout person in the DVDs called “the modifier” she does the T25 workouts, but slightly alters what she’s doing for some who need an easier person to follow. She’s great too when Shaun is kicking your butt and you need to take a breather with the stuff she’s doing.

tanya the modifier
Tanya modifies T25 for those who physically can’t do some of the workouts or need a breather!

Q: What is this about a free DVD?

The “Core Speed” dvd costs $20 if you buy it normally, but if you buy T25 through a coach, you will receive the Core Speed dvd for free. Purchase T25 here to get the extra DVD free. This exclusive bonus helps Beach Body coaches & customers connect so take advantage of the free workouts!

Q: What kind of diet should I use with T25?

There’s no special diet needed for T25, but as expected eating a diet high in protein, fruits, and vegetables is always a good thing. I’d try to avoid junk food as well as carbohydrates as much as you can. Shakeology is a nice meal replacement shake to use with T25.


Some T25 Testimonials

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